Indiana Relaxes Police Escort Policy; Sets New Automation Release Date

- As a result of SC&RA advocacy, the most restrictive police escort policy state in the U.S. is reducing the restriction. Effective Oct. 1, Indiana will require police escort(s) as part of OS/OW permits due to weight under these circumstances:

  • The vehicle is 250,000lbs GVW or heavier, the permitted route uses any roads other than interstates, and/or there are any bridge slowdowns on the route, a police escort will be required. How the police escort is conducted, including the number of escorts required, is at the sole discretion of the law enforcement agency providing the escort.
No police escort will be required for vehicles under 250,000lbs GVW traveling a permitted route that is solely on interstates and without any bridge slowdowns on the route. If any other dimension triggers the requirement for a police escort, there is no change in that requirement.

Previously, Indiana required four state police escorts for overweight permit loads in excess of 200,000 pounds. Indiana is one of only four states in the country with mandatory police escort requirements for weight only. SC&RA Vice President Steven Todd calls the move a small step in the right direction to harmonize with other states and is hopeful Indiana will begin assigning no more than 2 police escorts on most loads.

Also announced by the Indiana Department of Transportation is a November launch of the State’s new ProMiles fully automated permit system. For more information, contact Todd.

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