SC&RA & EasyBook Training Partner on Bridge Safety & Accident Prevention for Broader Reach

- As COVID-19 continues to disrupt every facet of life and business as we know it, there’s one thing the global pandemic has brought to the forefront: online training and e-learning. There’s a plethora of online training courses for individuals working in construction, safety or hazardous waste operations and emergency response. EasyBook Training has worked closely with a number of approved distance/e-learning providers, including SC&RA, to offer a range of online health and safety courses and e-learning classes including SC&RA’s new Bridge Safety & Accident Prevention course. From OSHA, construction, first aid, crane operator training, working at height, heavy equipment, roadway safety and health and safety classes, EasyBook Training works the same way as your favorite airline or hotel search engines but for booking safety training.

“SC&RA members can access the Bridge Safety Course and receive the members only rate in the SC&RA Training Center, however partnering with EasyBook Training makes the course available to a broader audience, with the hope of greater safety and awareness,” said Steven Todd, SC&RA’s Vice President of Transportation. EasyBook Training brings together thousands of classes from the leading training providers in the country in one simple-to-use website allowing users to book their training courses online with ease. To view all EasyBook offerings including the Bridge Safety & Accident Prevention course (search under ‘Roadway Safety), click here.

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