Texas DMV Adds OS/OW Permit Provision on Food, Fuel, Repair or Rest

- As of last week, the State of Texas OS/OW single-trip permits now list a provision/condition allowing drivers to deviate from their permitted route for food, fuel, repair or rest. Drivers need to be within one mile of the permitted route and cannot cross over or under any structures. The new provision states:

  • A permitted vehicle may deviate from a permitted route between the highways authorized on the permit and a terminal or facility for food, fuel, repair or rest having an entrance within one mile of the nearest ramp or intersection provided by the vehicle will not cross under or over any structure. When re-entering the permitted route, the vehicle should abide by the same restrictions as when exiting.
SC&RA and its members had been working with the Texas DMV, specifically, DuWayne Murdock, for a reasonable access provision. For more information, contact Beth O’Quinn.

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